In 2017, the Edge network of HCs rented a booth in the Calgary Body, Spirit, Soul Expo like we do every year. We create a warm atmosphere and offer to pray for anyone who asks, amidst the other booths offering palm readings, energy consultations, or strange little figurines. It has been an excellent place for us to initiate conversations with those seeking hope and assurance, and not just with the ones attending the expo, but even more so with those working in the other booths.

A couple of weeks ago I got a surprise call from one of them asking if I had time to get together. So we met at Prince’s Island and had an awesome conversation about many spiritual and Biblical things.  He confided in me that Jesus was his favourite prophet of all the prophets, and out of all of them, Jesus is the one he wants to be like. Our discussion was so open and honest, I really appreciate it. We agreed we will do this again when he is back in Calgary.

So seeds were planted at the expo in 2017, and they were watered a couple of weeks ago, and the Lord causes the growth, just like in 1 Corinthians 3:6-7. May the Lord keep growing in him, until we meet again.


We (Verne and Bernice) just launched a “Greenhouse” community that will be meeting at our home in Bowness. We are excited to put into practice a “Greenhouse” community much like the original “Greenhouse Experience” that John, Tim, and Dylan, along with several Edge members explored in November of 2018 over 4 weekends. We were so encouraged by this experience that we wanted to share it with others who were interested.

We had our inaugural meeting on July 4 and have had another meeting on July 11. Roxanne C. along with one couple who is very dear friends of Bernice and I have been to both of our meetings. In addition to those of us who were at the meetings we have interest from a friend who lives in our building as well as two other couples who may or may not be able to attend at this point. However, I introduced them to some initial things we are studying/discussing and we are trusting the Lord to bless them through the invitation.

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who may be interested in journeying with us in this endeavour to contact me at 403-978-8746.

Verne & Bernice

THE INCREDIBLE STORY OF Loni Balisky‘s NEW KIDNEY! (Updated Version)

17 years ago, Loni was in the middle of her first kidney failure. While at a Bible camp, one of Loni’s mom’s friends was praying for her. While praying, this friend saw a vision of a storehouse of body parts, she then felt to motion towards Loni’s body that God was putting kidneys into Loni in the spirit… She then said, that she saw something about a 3 and a 5, but didn’t know what it meant..

Loni thought to herself… Do you mean 35 years old? OH NO! That is waaaay to far away!! I can’t wait 17 years for a new kidney!!

Some time later, Loni’s life sustaining dialysis treatments began to fail. Her family began a desperate search for a donor, and even launched an online marketing campaign. This caught media attention, and Loni was followed by the local news. After much turmoil with the online campaign, Loni was blessed to received a living donor kidney transplant from her uncle! His heroic and selfless act saved Loni’s life, and this transplant was a huge blessing to her! This transplant also allowed us to get married in Maui, and to visit both Australia and Mexico. The transplanted kidney operated successfully for over 7 years, but unfortunately it eventually failed, and she had to return to dialysis. We will always remember the ‘sweet pea’ years, and we will always be so thankful to Loni’s uncle Paul!

For the last 8 years, Loni has been on dialysis. During this period of time, she also gave birth to a miracle son Troy while on dialysis! This was an incredible story all on its own, but too long to share here. Because of her previous transplant, and because she receiving dozens of blood transfusions over the years, she had developed a high antibody resistance, and her match chance for transplantation was with less than 1% of the population. Because of this limitation, we had given up hope that a donor transplant would be a realistic option. We instead turned our full hope towards receiving a supernatural Kidney from God! As age 35 approached for Loni, we kept our eyes on this 17 year old prophetic word, that predicted that this would be the year that Loni would receive a miracle kidney.

Then on April 4th, out of nowhere we got a call from the hospital, which said that they had a kidney for Loni from a deceased donor somewhere in Canada and that they were transporting it in. Not only that, but they were excited to share that it was a 6 out of 6 perfect antigen match, which avoided all these antibodies and would work amazingly for her! (A 6/6 is the closest match second only to identical twins. The chance of any two random people having a 6/6 antigen match is 1 in 100,000. For comparison, blood siblings only have a 25% chance of having a 6/6).

We rushed to the hospital, and Loni passed every test with flying colors. Her health was in the best condition it had been in years, and she was physically, emotionally, and spiritually primed for transplant! As we headed into surgery she did not require any anti-anxiety medication, and was radiating peace and joy! The transplant surgery was a textbook procedure, and she received a successful transplant the next day on April 5th. ???

** A humongous thank you to the kidney donor for selflessly offering themselves to the donor program, and to AHS for facilitating such an amazing match and transplantation! If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing your donor card! You too can save a life! **

AND A HUGE AMEN! Thank you Jesus for fulfilling this 17 year old prophetic word, given my Loni’s mom’s friend, and for providing a Kidney for Loni while she is 35 years old!!! ??


For confidentiality reasons, donors and recipeient names are not shared with each other.

With rememberance of the prophetic word, Loni’s mom reached out to her friend, who she was still close with. Unfortunately her friends husband had been struggling with a serious heart condition, and had been staying with Loni’s mom in Edmonton while he was in hospital. Unfortunately, Loni’s mom informed us that her friends husband had just passed away due to his heart condition, and so she didn’t want to bring up our exciting news about the prophetic word being fulfilled.

However, as we pondered where the kidney could have came from… We realized that the day that we received the call, was the same day that this husband had passed away… so Loni’s mom began to ask her friend more questions, and we soon found out that her friends husband was an organ donor… and that his two kidneys had been donated after his passing, one went outside of Alberta, and one stayed within Alberta… we then found out that the kidney that went to the person in Alberta had a very high antibody resistance, and was very unlikely to receive a transplant, but due to an incrediblly rare match and high compatibility they were able to receive it!… we then confirmed that the husband had a compatible blood type with Loni… WOW! While we asked more questions on our end, we were told that our donor was a middle aged person, and that the kidney had been sent from Edmonton!!!

WOW! Although we could not confirm it by name, these facts are shocking! The same date, same destination province, same source city, compatible blood type, and the sender was told the recipient had a very high antibody resistance and an extreme high compatibility match… The exact same scenario that Loni had!

WHAT? Did this just actually happen?

Did a wife prophesy miracle kidneys, which would arrive 17 years later while Loni was 35 years old?… And did God lock in an extremely rare match, with a 1 in 100,000 chance of happening to defy all odds?… and did he line up this “random” donor, to be none other than the husband of the lady who prophecied new kidneys 17 years ago? ??

We are totally blown away and so thankful!


2019 Retreat Reflections… 

We sensed God’s presence and that unique sense of “FAMILY” that God’s children experience when together, as people from the Edge gathered in Calgary Feb 1-3. It was a wonderful time as we worshiped our Lord together, listened to him and to one another. 

We wrestled together with what it means to make Disciples and what language we use to help us better engage in the mission. We all agreed I think, that we want to be people who GIVE LIFE to others. Giving Life is the essence of what Jesus has invited us to join him in! 

We also affirmed from Ephesians 4:1-16 that the Lord has given every person in His body at least one of the 5 gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd or Teacher. These 5 roles were each evident in Christ and He has imprinted his DNA into his body, the church. What if every House Church and community affirmed, encouraged and would seek to activate all 5 of these gifts! The promise in Ephesians 4:14-16 is a mature and whole church, which is growing more and more like Christ in every way! 

We also celebrated new groups forming and joining the Edge. These groups meet in homes, offices … wherever people gather and God leads! 

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make this time together so encouraging and inspirational! 


Lord, please restore our “edge”. Shake us again with your presence and your word – make them unavoidable. We need another word from you that gives us direction and hope. Fill us with Your Spirit – Your warrior, mission-driven, love-motivated Spirit. And give us boldness to ride valiantly – living out your calling to us – riding close behind you – breathing down Your neck.

Let us sense the passion of your heart and follow you into people’s lives with conviction and confidence. Lead us clearly to those people, and clearly lead them to us. Orchestrate connections by Your divine appointment. Give us people Lord! We don’t want 1000’s of dollars to build facilities, we want 1000’s of people and to build them into your kingdom. We want to start villages that impact the villages around them. We want to wage war against the enemy of those villages.

We ask for your Spirit to go before us, and to anoint us for your mission. Let the gifts and abilities we have as a village rise to the surface and be used to build up our people. May there not be one person among us who is not valued and anointed for service in your kingdom and mission. Give us the full measure of unity and maturity. And as we live for you and serve you together, we ask for the joy of the Lord to be our strength. May we join with the early disciples in a sense of awe and joy as we witness the signs and wonders of Your Spirit freely moving among us.

We want to hear the call again from our commander Jesus Christ, “Ride with Me!” And may we see apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers mount up. Let there be new riders moving to the front lines. Let the children who have never ridden mount up and become warriors. Let those newly adopted children of God see the devotion of their brothers and sisters, and find their example irresistible. With fire in their heart, and us by their side, may they pursue and find their own horse to ride. This is our prayer, in the name of Him who is dressed in white and rides on a white horse, the Alpha and Omega, the King of Kings – our Lord JESUS! Amen and amen.



The Body, Spirit, Soul Expo in Edmonton went so well! A few people received physical healing and we were able to share the gospel freely! (more than usual I would say and people were so receptive!) We GAVE away numerous Bibles that were so welcomed, and there’s interest from people about church and/or House Church. One young lady just texted last night and says she started reading the Bible we gave her and is planning to go to church for Christmas.

We would often ask people what brought them to the Expo and their answers were so interesting. A few said, “Community” – amazing that they would come to this Expo looking for that! It was such a great conversation starter and way to offer to connect. Others came for purpose, direction, healing, etc. It was so refreshing to be able to talk about these things that matter, pray with them and offer to follow up! 17 people left their contact info of the 26 who requested that we pray for them over the next 2 weeks. 

Thank you again everyone, for partnering with us!

Nick and Vanessa

Last Saturday night we got together with 90 plus Christians from different churches to celebrate Hanukkah.It was a glorious celebration.Hanukkah is also known as the Feast of Dedication, mentioned in John 10:22,23: ” And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter.23 And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon’s porch.

Another name for Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights. Just a few days before this festival, our Lord was also in the temple courts and in the midst of the festival preparation, and very possibly standing with the backdrop of the giant burning temple lamps. Here, our Lord Jesus cried out, ““I am the light of the world.Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”(John 8:12) Jesus was pointing to Himself as the fulfillment of the Festival of Lights!

The first Hanukkah was celebrated in 168 BC and it commemorates the re-dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem . The temple was desecrated by the Seleucid King Antioticus 1V Epiphanis. Epiphanis means “God manifest”.The historical book of Macabees records that the Jews had risen up against their Greek-Syrian oppressors in the Maccabean Revolt. They took back the temple and rededicated it back to God.

We celebrate Hanukkah because our Lord Jesus celebrated it. We also celebrate this festival to stand with God’s chosen people, the Jews whom He chose and loves and will be coming back to save one day soon. 

We also gather to identify ourselves with other believers in the area. As we know, sometimes we are looked on quite “suspiciously” by them.

We also marked the occasion by rededicating ourselves to God for His service as His temples. As followers of Christ, are we obliged to celebrate Hanukkah or any of the other Biblical Feasts in Leviticus 23?  …Of course not! But we are free to celebrate, and remember … and why not?! All of these ancient Feasts points to the redemptive work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! 


A few weeks ago some of us baptized a new lady to our home church in a neighbours hot tub. This came after some very strong and direct spiritual battles for freedom and healing. Praise the Lord – she did it – the Lord did it! Generations were changed and healed that night! Coming out of the water she said “I didn’t expect that.”  Expect what? “That strong wind that came through. That was crazy”. There was no wind, but there was for her! We read John 3:8 to her – “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit”. We all were blown away!!!


“We knew this young man (K) through business, since he was 27. Today he is 41. I always talked to him about the Lord and prayed that one day he would come to know Him. We tried to be a good witness all along.
Our friend K was raised with a Catholic Mother and a Hindu Father. He often talked about God, but didn’t know the One True God.
Years ago he met a young woman, fell in love, got married and had two young children. Unfortunately the marriage went sideways and is now ending.
K came to stay with us just before his court appearance. He was very upset about what was happening.
We asked K if we could pray for him before he went back home to face his court date. He said ‘yes’, so the day of, we got up early to pray with him and I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to ask him if he wanted to receive Yeshua and be born again. Without hesitation, K said “Yes”!!
We prayed with Him. Many tears of joy were shed.
Our dear friend went home and the judge found favor with him, entitling him to 50% custody of his children which is what he wanted along with some other financial considerations.

He is down here for a visit tonight, which is our House Church night! PTL!
God’s timing is always so perfect!!! He is so faithful!!

Sometimes it seems like it takes a long time for a friend to come to know the Lord but it will all be worth it in the end!!”


On July 13 EIGHT of us piled into 2 cars and headed for Vancouver. (Actually it was Surrey!) The drive itself was a ton of fun and was a great time to deepen friendships. At every pit stop a few people moved from one car to the other. The road trip there and back was like a ‘mobile retreat’ in an of itself!

When we arrived at our location at Pacific Life Bible College we felt like we were home … among family! After the hugs, and bathroom breaks … we entered into a wonderful time of worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ together. The entire weekend was so GOOD in so many ways. We loved being with our family in Vancouver area. Thank you for hosting us! We enjoyed times of payer, worship, equipping and deepening our friendships and our commitment to BE THE CHURCH in simple organic ways as we follow Jesus into the lives of others.

Here is a short video of the highlights…

Thomas & Tim met at a coffee shop to pray and listen to God before they went out (just as Jesus sent the 12 and later the 70) to look for ‘people of peace‘ whom they could share the Gospel with. “We were going out knowing that we would be sowing seeds of the Gospel, or to harvest what others had planted” says Tim. The 2 men went with some nervousness, but also a sense of authority and that Jesus was leading them. They felt led to a condo complex and once there Jesus directed them to knock on doors where the yard lights were on. They did and had some excellent conversations with several people, thus planting seeds of the Kingdom. The highlight of the evening however was when, after a bit of friendly conversation, one young gentleman said, “I’ve been wanting to read the Bible, but just haven’t gotten around to it”. They asked if he owned a Bible, to which he replied ‘no’. Then they asked if he would be open to them returning to share and discuss the Bible to which he declined, but he did readily accept the gift of a Bible!! Pray for this young man to read the Bible and find a relationship with the author Jesus Christ!


The Rundle HC had a rich time celebrating the Passover Seder together on April 14th. We had about 18 adults come and experience the deep truths hidden within this festival – many for the first time. One of the most meaningful symbols is the hiding and then the finding of the “Afikomen” (Bread of Affliction), which speaks to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus in the Messianic observance. We highly recommend this to all our home churches. Please contact us if you would like some help leading in this.

John & Trish

We celebrate the baptism of an entire family…in our bath tub! (Reminds me of Acts 16:33, where the jailer ‘and all his family were baptized’!) We are overjoyed to announce new members of God’s family!  It was the most humbling privilege to baptize our friends Taryn, Tyler, Sanaa and Neela. On Resurrection Sunday, they came with open hearts and faith by the power of the Holy Spirit.” What a privilege it is to follow Jesus into the lives of others!

Nick and Vanessa and kids

We had a tremendous week! A strong relationship is building, and it’s a source of encouragement for all of us. We continue to marvel at how the Lord is speaking the same language to both movements, despite the language barrier between us. Each time we see them and enter into their lives, the relationship goes deeper, and we know we are not alone in this movement. The Lord is a rider on his white horse, riding across this land.


There are so many stories, but I’m going to share this one with you for now.  In behind the scenes, our prayer team went to do a house blessing – which turned into that, and so much more with a couple in our community.  The wife of the home had literally packed her husband’s bags the night before and was ready to leave him the day we had scheduled to come…  After we all did much listening, witnessing, encouragement, and prayer, they are joining with God in fighting for their family and for his kingdom.  2 demons were kicked out of their home, the husband prayed for his family and protected his home spiritually for the first time.  The next day, my friend told me that she had unpacked his bags, that they started getting rid of any possessions that they would be ashamed to show Jesus, and that her husband has been praying for their family constantly.  Today, she committed to start memorizing this scripture about running the race (Heb 12:1-3), so that she can use it as her sword and shield.  There have already been some bumps along the way, but we take heart in the Lord and we will continue connecting with them. Glory belongs to God alone!  Please, would you continue to lift up this family with us?


Listen to this!!  One house church had been discussing and studying COMMUNION and how God will often pour out his blessing when we partake of the elements in faith, remembering and celebrating God’s supreme sacrifice for us. Later that week one of their HC members woke up in the middle of the night with an illness. She awoke her husband and together they shared in communion. Yes … in the middle of the night. In that moment and by God’s grace she was healed.


Maaaaaan! God is good! He is faithful when we step out to be used by him. Many lives were touched yesterday. Thanks everyone for your prayers! 

Including kids, we had 14 people and 1 dog come out! Some from the Edge, and some new friends we met through thelastreformation com. I’ll share some stories from the group. 

One shopkeeper asked for prayer for emotional healing, and she was instantly flooded with love and peace as God touched her. Another man, God healed all the pain in his knees and feet and he was very excited and wants to meet again to learn more about Jesus. Another guy God healed all the pain in his back. 

We also prayed for a young homeless guy who had cancer, and the kids brought him hot chocolate and food. The kids also gave out some money and gift cards to some other people in need. We also met one guy who found Jesus 18 months ago, when Jesus broke his alcohol addiction, however he needed new hips, so we encoured him and prayed for his hips. He didn’t have any pain at the time, so we are believing all is better for him! 

One lady started manifesting evil spirts right in the parking lot when a couple approached her, and she swore she would never acknowledge the name of Jesus. However, after and hour of prayer and singing worship, she was totally set free and then she gave her life to Jesus!! AMEN! She also wants to stay connected to learn more about Jesus. 

I am so humbled by yesterday, and I want to grow to get to know our good God more! and to be used by Him! The Word is truely alive and active!!