Media Favourites

You can use these for personal inspiration, or as a discussion launch pad in your Home Church.

This is a short introduction to The Edge Home Church network and Disciple-Making movement. It explains the core values given to the church from Jesus and how we intend to live them out. [2:08]

We have created a video series called, "Don't Miss the Mission". It highlights what Jesus has called us to do and to be.

A great animation showing what would happen around our neighbourhoods and the world if we actually made disciple-making a priority [1:57].

Ryan Stockert interviewed this gentle warrior in his film “The End of Churchianity”, telling how he impacted a whole army for the Lord [4:45].

Jannette…ikz is a poet who lives for Jesus. In this interview she talks about how to disciple someone right around you through everyday life [6:44]

Eric Ludy has a powerful way of explaining what Jesus actually did when He saved us, set us free, and entered our lives [11:23].

Watch the story of a Czech widow who calls her home “The Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven”, and gives life to whoever enters [4:54].

This video explains how a discipleship movement spreads, using relationships with people of peace, and a simple Bible discovery method [7:56].

Francis Chan shows how ridiculous it is that the church doesn’t take Jesus seriously and obey His command to make disciples [1:51].

RAK CHAZAK! AMATS! Eric Ludy speaks about the ancient war cry used to take down the enemy. Disciple-makers need this war cry [6:12]

This animation explains how Jesus has brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth, and how he has given us the authority to do the same [6:41].

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