I personally would like to share about how God has been working in our house church. Since we have started I have seen some of us share and pray in was I have not seen them before. For example, one night we had some new people share quite a bit on their lives as well as give some insight on scripture. Another night we were discussing just the Gospel in general and everyone was just sharing about who Jesus is and I really felt in that moment that the Holy Spirit was pouring over us. That same night was the night that one of the new young men had prayed and it was such a blessing to hear him pray for the first time. He first said .. “I’ll pray. But how do I pray ?” We said .. well you can speak what is in your mind/heart, whether it is to ask Him for something or to thank Him for something and when you feel you are done just say “in Jesus name I pray. Amen.” And he just went for it. and it sounded so natural for him. I was shocked but in a good way. I honestly could not stop smiling after that =) Also it has been great to see one of our new leaders lead some nights as well. I think everyone is just excited and looking forward to not only love each other but to love God and to do His work.