The Greenhouse Experience

Growing your capacity to build life-giving community.

“Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of living water.”

John 4:14


     The purpose of the Greenhouse is to grow your capacity to build life-giving community and make disciples. Here is some of the content we cover:


Offering One Another Belonging

    • How Jesus connected with people
    • The power of “home”
    • A Teaching Tool: The Discovery Bible Experience
    • Your conversation strengths

Affirming One Another’s Identity

    • Kairos Moments – the moments that define us
    • Your story and how it is shaped
    • God’s story and our part in it
    • Being sheep who hear His voice

Validating One Another’s Potential

      • The power of strong values
      • Identifying values that drive you
      • Jesus’ gifts to the body – Eph. 4 (APEST)
      • Becoming who Jesus has designed us to be

“So, affectionally longing for you, we were well pleased to give you not only the Gospel of God,

but also our own lives as well.”

1 Thessalonians 2:8



The Greenhouse Experience is a journey with a small group of others who want to discover and grow to be who God has designed them to be as a community. We all have a story, a set of values, a personal purpose, amazing strengths, and when we bring them all together as one body, we can experience life to its fullest, and give life to others. This is the discipleship process, and the Greenhouse can help you flourish in it.


We use the Greenhouse as a launch pad for new house churches,

or as a health-booster for existing house churches.


Sometimes the Greenhouse is one weekend long, and sometimes it is spread over a couple of weeks, depending on the need, location, and availability of those involved. There is no cost for the course, except for a $5 CAD charge for the booklets we use as a guide.

The next Greenhouse Experience is in VIRDEN, MANITOBA and CALGARY, ALBERTA