1.1 Don’t Start A Thing

Getting Started.

Video One.

Don’t Start A Thing!

Don’t start with “where”, “when”, or “how”.

Start with “why”.

Welcome to Part One of the Home Church 101 Course, “Getting Started”. It’s critical to plant the right DNA and culture right from the beginning. 

The first question people usually ask us is, “What really is a home church?”

We don’t think of home church as an event or a program. When people want to start home churches, we advise them to start a journey – start a new relationship with Jesus.

The journey of house church is a ‘restart’ of your mind and heart. It’s not about the structure, or the thing you want to create for Him. It’s about your longing to encounter and know Jesus as He wants to be known and encountered. That’s where you start.

The journey you are on is so much more than just starting a new thing.


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Encountering Jesus is where Home Churches start!


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